Using powerful ingredients from nature, Naturasil provides superior homeopathic topical remedies, soaps, creams, supplements and pet products for the whole family.

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Bed Bug Patrol™

Bed bugs are making a huge comeback. Combat them with Bed Bug Patrol, a powerful, natural formula that's proven to kill bed bugs and eliminate infestations.

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Natural Nits™

Natural Nits is a homeopathic Lice treatment that rids your child of head lice and helps to prevent them from coming back, without chemicals.

Natural Nits Lice Treatment & Aftercare


CobraZol is a patented, powerful pain reliever for Arthritis, Joint Pain, Muscle Aches and more! Available as a roll-on gel or a jar of cream.

Natural Enzyme Cleaner

All Purpose Enzyme Cleaner is a chemical-free, hypoallergenic, non-carcinogenic, ecologically safe, multi-purpose cleaner.

Nature's Innovation


Septic-Flow offers a number of products that will naturally clean and shock your drainfield and septic system.

Nature's Innovation

Natural Spa™

Genuine pure sea salts and mud from the Dead Sea and pure essential oils, make up our Natural Spa line to give you the finest spa treatments, without spa prices.

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ElimiMite is a non-toxic concentrate which helps to eliminate dust mite allergens, the primary cause of asthma and allergies, from washable bedding and clothes.

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Dr. Berry's™

Dr Berry's Natural and homeopathic remedies bring ol' time medicine into today's market place. Dr. Berry's provides tried and true remedies that work!

Dr.Berry's products


Proteque is a doctor recommended and clinically proven skin protecting, moisturizing and steroid-free lotion. Treats and prevents painful, itchy and irritated skin.

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